Atharva  vaastu  solutions 
Vastu ,vastu plan ,vastu kundli
according to vastu 
vaastuu solutio

vastu for bungalow/villa


We design your living space using principles of vastu shastra in such a way that it supports your health, prosperity, relationships and self development.

All the measurement and calculations will be done using ayadi formulas.

the key features of our service are as following :-

1. vastu kundali

Vastu report with vastu kundali which has detailed analysis of your plan . The most important-you will also get 45 Pad devta location on your plan. 

 2.Location of plot 

suggest proper shape, size, location and surrounding of the plot i.e., Road, River, Mountain, Religious place, etc .

3.Directions of the plot

The degree and the directions needs to be measured for effective vastu. Dr. Jigna Joshi  will personally check all these points under scanning of the plot and tell you the remedies also.

 4.Open area

 proper size of open area to be kept in plot.

 5.Water tank

Location of over head water tank. 

 6.underground water tank

locations and  shape of underground water tank and boring.

 7.Water Flow

Slopes and Drainage system

 8. Living room

Correct Location of the living room and placement of the sofa, furniture  television etc.


Proper placement for bed,safe locker,T.V.etc.

10. Dressing room 

Placement of wardrobe ,mirror,cosmetics, jewelry etc.

11. Pooja room

 Correct Location of pooja room.

12. Kitchen

 Placement of kitchen and internal arrangement of appliances.

13. Dining area:

 sitting arrangement with shape and material of dining table.   

14.Store room

 Placement of store room.


16. Colours  

colours for interior & exterior

17. Utility area 

Location of washing area etc.

18. Guest Rooms 

Location of guest room 

19.Main gate

Location of Main Gate  

20. Doors and windows 

Number and shape of doors and windows.

21. mahurats

Auspicious date and timing of mahurats for neevpoojan. 

22. Dharnishila

free dharnishila for neevpuja.